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Current Grant:

MARISURF – This is a large European Union Horizon 2020 project entitled ‘Novel, sustainable marine surfactants and emulsifiers’ 2015-2020

The project has 13 partners including 5 universities and 8 companies and is coordinated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh with a budget of €4.8 million

The regular 6 monthly meeting of members of the consortium took place 8-9 March 2018 on the Coleraine Campus of Ulster University

Recently Completed Grants:

KILLSPILL – This was a very large Framework 7 European Union project entitled ‘Integrated biotechnological solutions for combating marine oil spills’ 2013-2017

The project had 33 partners and was coordinated from the Technical University of Crete with a budget of €9 million



BIOSURFING – A Framework 7 European Union Project entitled ‘New to nature biosurfactants’ 2011-2015

The project had 7 partners and was coordinated from the University of Ghent with a budget of €2.97 million


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