Roger Marchant

Professor Emeritus of Microbial Biotechnology Ulster University

Professor Marchant obtained both a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in the the fields of botany and mycology from University College London. His thesis title was Spore Germination in Fusarium culmorum. Professor Marchant also holds a D.Sc. degree from The University of London for work submitted under the title “Structure and Growth of Fungi” and has been honoured by the University of Patras, Greece with a Ph.D. (honours causa).

Following his Ph.D. Prof. Marchant went on to a postdoctoral research post at University College London before moving to a lectureship at The New University of Ulster. Following an academic career path at the University of Ulster he was awarded with a chair as Professor of Biology at The University of Ulster in 1986.

Professor Marchant is an expert in the chemical analysis, characterisation and molecular biosynthesis of surface active compounds produced by both bacterial and fungal species. During his distinguished career Professor Marchant has authored over 230 publication, supervised over 20 postgraduate research students and is currently to the senior editor for the journal Biotechnology Letters.

Professor Marchant is an accomplished botanist and has published works on the flora of the Hellenic Islands in both English and Greek. He is also a keen and accomplished wildlife photographer.

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