Microbial Biotechnology Research Group

The Microbial Biotechnology Research Group at Ulster University is a world leader in the field of microbial biosurfactants. The group, lead by Professors Ibrahim Banat and Roger Marchant have in excess of 200 publications relating to the characterisation of new-to-nature biosurfactants; their industrial applications; their use as novel antimicrobial agents and the genetic/ proteomic mechanisms relating to their biosynthesis.

What are Biosurfactants? – Click here

In addition to our work in the field of microbial biosurfactants we are actively involved in research investigating microbial production of short chain hydrocarbons such as propane for use as biofuels.

Our research is and has been funded by various grants from both public sector sources such as The European Union’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 initiatives, and from industrial collaborations with companies such as Unilever and Calor Gas.

Recently (Oct 2020) Professor Banat was listed in the top 2% of scientists worldwide in a study of research metrics published by Stanford University, USA; ranking number one in the listed Ulster University research community (Loannidis et al. 2020).

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